Water-based anti-graffiti additives WSS-1003
WSS-1003 Used as a water-based feel agent and anti-graffiti aid. ○ Smooth feeling ○ Anti-graffiti effect ○ Anti-blocking ○ Water dispersibility  

Waterborne acrylic resin/Recommended dosage of waterborne polyurethane resin

○ Total formula in the form of supply: 1.0-3.0%


Technical data

○ Appearance: Milky white liquid Active content: ≥55%

Chemical composition

○ Organic siloxane copolymer emulsion

Process description

○ Pre-diluted or directly added to the paint in the form of supply


○ 25Kg, plastic barrel

Storage stability

○ Store in the original unopened packaging below 40oC

○ Use within 12 months from the date of production